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Since 2005 , offering innovative solutions to the our valuable clients.Have been chosen by maritime ship registration associacions is our honor.Safe port for Survey and Technical requests.

false alarm detection 

FAD is our new survey service . It is necessary to make sure that these protection equipment, which works like a ship's nervous system, is in working condition. These systems cause major accidents and even loss of life because ship´s  crews do not control them regularly or are afraid to control them. In order to prevent possible material losses, loss of life and damage to the environment, it is necessary to testify that the alarms are working except for visual control, this survey service is divided into three groups as Marpol, Propeller and Auxialry systems. Please contact us for detailed information.

smc code - Audit 

As Partmar Marine Ltd ; 
External and Internal Inspection of the vessel according to the Mlc/ Ism / Isps Codes standarts . 
As Autorized company to carry out intial , Interim ,Renewal  and Annual  inspection of the  vessel. 


For 20 years, we have been carrying out your demands with care and meticulousness.
Our Mission; To conduct survey and technical advise